To support each person as they work toward their personal recovery goals, individuals attend weekly meetings with their recovery Facilitator, attend group programming and regular 12-step meetings


Pre-treatment services are for individuals who are planning to attend treatment or have a confirmed treatment date. The focus is on stabilization, emotional and physical wellness, peer support, and adjusting to a structured daily routine.


After successfully completing a residential addiction treatment program, our post-treatment services support individuals to apply and build upon the skills and insights from treatment as part of daily living.

Transition Planning

After completing core post-treatment programming, supports focus on transition planning. This includes preparing for sober living after Crossroads, coping skills, relapse prevention, connections, and supports for long-term recovery.

Recovery comes first. Looking through the lens of recovery leads to awareness, solutions, personal growth, and positive change. Individual support and group programming is provided to develop the skills and tools to live a meaningful life free from substances.

Recovery is achievable for all. Recovery requires courage and time; courage to ask for help and time to make lasting change by applying the principles of recovery on a daily basis.