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Crossroads Centre
Drug and Alcohol Recovery Homes

Address: 580 North Algoma Street, Wing H
Mailing address: Box 21116
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 8A7
Phone: (807) 622-2730
Fax: (807) 622-7587

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Site Map

Our Values

We value the well being of the individual above all else.

We recognize that the individuals in our care are always our first priority and that their recovery and best interests form the basis for all decision making and policy development.

We value diversity of experience, culture and thought.

We welcome involvement and participation from all individuals regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, same-sex partnership status, family status or handicap. We value innovative thought, embrace change as an opportunity to grow and judge ideas based on their potential to lead to lasting, positive change. We strive to incorporate different cultures, experiences, views and ideas into our programs and services.

We value working cooperatively with individuals utilizing an empowerment focus.

We value the dignity and worth of all individuals. We believe that full participation in recovery planning increases the confidence and commitment of the individual. We believe that the perspective and the goals of the individual are paramount. The assistance and professional perspective provided by staff compliments the development of an attainable and realistic recovery support plan which is individualized and flexible.

We value teamwork and contributions from all staff.

We actively promote a team driven environment that facilitates problem solving and professional growth. We recognize that members of our staff have different strengths and that all have a valuable contribution to make to team decisions. We believe that different perspectives enhance the quality of our decision making and our programs and services. We respect the contributions of staff and value their insight.

We value effective communication.

We recognize that communication is essential to teamwork and actively work to enhance communication between and among the staff, Board and funders. All communications with individuals accessing services are respectful, timely and focus on the development of self-responsibility. We strive for honesty and flexibility in our relationships.

We value our community partnerships.

We recognize that we cannot and should not provide all the recovery support services needed for the individuals who access our services. We believe that addiction services working together enhance the quality of recovery for the individual. We recognize the benefit of and our responsibility in maintaining and developing cooperative and diverse relationships with other agencies.
Recovery First!

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